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B i o g r a p h y

Right between Heaven and Earth
Where nothing changes
In the middle of nowhere
No starting idea

Didier BARBE, known as Didou is a dance teacher and choreographer with

23 years of professional experience in the field. 


From the start of his career,Didou intensively studied different dance styles including classical dance, jazz dance, contemporary dance. This versatile training allowed him to gain a deep understanding of different techniques and integrate them into his own unique style.


He began his career as a dancer in theCompany of Yvann ALEXANDRE and join a few years after that ofAnne-Marie PORRAS.

As a dance teacher, Didou has taught in different dance schools, includingEPSEDANSE in Montpellier inspiring and guiding many passionate students. Her innovative pedagogy, combined with her patience and dedication, has allowed her students to push their limits and achieve exceptional levels of performance.


Along with his work as a teacher,Didou also pursued a career as a choreographer. His creations have been presented at numerous dance shows and international festivals. Her ability to convey her style and influences, while telling moving stories through dance, has earned recognition and praise from organizers and audiences alike.


Today,Didou continues to share his passion for dance as a teacher and choreographer, while constantly seeking new inspirations and pushing the boundaries of his art. He continues to positively impact the lives of many people through his artistic vision and unwavering dedication.

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